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    In April of 2013 Charlie Jean Reeder of Alabaster, Alabama was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. At the time, Charlie Jean, a two-year-old at Riverchase Day School, promptly began treatments to cure her cancer. She endured a fourteen-month battle of five intense chemotherapy treatments, twenty-one radiation treatments, surgery to remove a tumor, and an aggressive stem cell transplant at Children’s Hospital in Alabama. Thankfully, she never faced her diagnosis alone. Her community, her teachers, and her classmates prayed for her, visited her, encouraged her, and ultimately raised much needed funds for her family—funds that medical insurance simply does not cover. 


   In order to honor Charlie Jean as a survivor, The Charlie Jean Foundation will aid other families experiencing financial crisis or strain after the diagnosis of a child. The objective of the foundation is to financially assist families of children battling cancer or blood disorders at Children's Hospital of Alabama. The Charlie Jean Foundation will provide financial assistance related to housing, travel, lodging, meals, and any other everyday basic needs. The Charlie Jean Foundation will provide grants to deserving applicants whose financial hardship or need is directly attributable to a child’s illness.

The Charlie Jean Foundation Mission Statement: The Charlie Jean Foundation seeks to support hematology and oncology patients and their families at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. We seek to lessen the financial burden of a diagnosis by providing support to families and by raising awareness through ongoing fundraising efforts. 

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